• Experience Required: 1-3 Years
  • Job Location: Mumbai


The role of the Texture Artist in live action and animation is to create textures for 3D modelling throughout the production. Realism is the goal in live action sequences, while animation projects require consistency of visual style.

  • Adept with Substance Painter/photoshop
  • Training in computer graphics, 3D animation, or graphic design
  • Experience in texturing 3D models, knowledge of modelling rigs
  • Ability to consistently draw inspiration from real-world references
  • Solid understanding of visual language – texture, colour, dimension, scale, perspective, shade, composition depth of field, proportion, lighting, spatial awareness, etc
  • Fundamental understanding of anatomy
  • Familiarity with geographical and botanical elements, architectural finishes, textile movement, skin and hair behaviour, metallic sheens, etc
  • Liaising with designers and developers regarding the design brief
  • Liaising with the director, cinematographer, design department on the finishes of the texturing
  • Researching reference materials for aesthetics and genre of game, film or animation
  • Working with post production and visual effects teams for seamless integration with footage
  • Develop and refine textures during the production process
  • Collaborate with animators and modelers on the best textures for each object and character
  • Create a diverse and compelling range of textures that will engage the player and enhance gameplay
  • UV mapping
  • Maintain a high level of design and photorealism throughout
  • Curate a consistent look of all the elements of the game or film

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